Frequently Asked Questions

On this page would be your FAQ's . . .

  • If I order online do I have to pre-pay for my taxi ride?

    No. Actually unlike other cab companies, all of our on line orders are treated as if the order was called in on a telephone. When you order a taxi from this website, or from our Google powered taxi fare calculator and cab booking app, our yellow cab dispatch rep will call you to verbally verify your trip and to work out any specifics. Payment for your ride may be made to our driver when you reach your destination.

  • I left an important item in your cab. What can I do?

    If this were an actual cab company, you could contact us in an attempt to retrieve your lost item. You may call us at 651-666-5793 24 hours a day, or you may See all of the products that Twin City Graphic design and Web Programming offers by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

  • How accurate is your taxi fare calculator?

    Currently, this fare calculator is synchronized with Google Maps and the accuracy of Google maps. Your fare is calculated by Google Maps API with a $2.50 flag fare plus $2.00 per mile. Additional charges may imposed on your trip if there is any waiting time involved. The fare calculator may be configured to calculate your cab fare at any rate per mile, using any map. anywhere in the world.

  • What is your rate per mile?

    Our Taxi Cab rate is two dollars, ($2.00) per mile. See our complete rate breakdown here.

  • You are not answering your phone how can I get a hold of you otherwise?

    If you cannot reach us by phone it is because our dispatch system is flooded by calls. This happens rarely however if it does, it is only during poor weather conditions and everyone needs a cab.

  • I need ongoing transportation for my organization can you do this?

    Yes. To initiate a corporate contract or some form of special transportation, your customers could visit this link and submit the required information. A representative from your company could  respond .

  • Do you provide service to the MSP Airport?

    Yes. 24 hours a day. You may calculate your fare TO the  Airport and schedule your trip. We do not make pick ups AT the Airport however we will take you TO the Airport MSP anytime, 24-7-365, rain or snow.